Europuls is pleased to invite you to the 10th edition of the EUROSFAT Forum
The largest annual Forum on EU affairs in Romania
Europuls - Centre of European Expertise, the initiator and organizer of the EUROSFAT forum, is a non-governmental organization founded in 2010 in Brussels by a group of young Romanian experts in European affairs. The purpose of the organization is to promote European integration in Romania, but also to contribute to the development of a European public space through articles and studies and by organizing debates, workshops, and high-level conferences.
Every year since 2013, EUROSFAT marks that vital moment when Europe, under all its aspects, becomes the most important topic on Romania's agenda. We intend to continue our mission to bring the European Union closer to Romanian citizens, especially in these difficult times.
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The Forum is a project based on European values of democracy, civic involvement and open dialogue and presents the perfect opportunity to debate the latest topics at European, national, and regional level, involving local actors, national and international policy-makers, as well as representatives of the business sector.
Printre vorbitorii de la Forumul Eurosfat 2022 îi veți putea regăsi pe:
Anca Dragu
Președinta Senatului, Parlamentul României
E.S. Lea Stančič
Ambasadorul Republicii Slovenia în România
E.S Laurence Auer
Ambasadorul Extraordinar Şi Plenipotenţiar al Franței în România
Ramona Chiriac
Șefa Reprezentanței Comisiei Europene în România 
Iulia Motoc
Judecător la Curtea Europeană a Drepturilor Omului
Iulia Matei
Secretar de Stat pentru Afaceri Europene, Ministerul Afacerilor Externe, România
Dragoș Tudorache
Membru al Parlamentului European
Iulian-Vasile Popescu
Secretar de Stat, Ministerul Cercetării, Inovării Și Digitalizării
Siegfried Mureșan Membru al Parlamentului Europeani
Siegfried Mureșan
Membru al Parlamentului European
Ligia Deca Consilier Prezidențial în Domeniile Educație și Cercetării, Administrația Prezidențială a României
Ligia Deca
Consilier Prezidențial în cadrul Departamentului Educație și Cercetare, Administrația Prezidențială a României
Dragoș Pîslaru Membru al Parlamentului European
Dragoș Pîslaru
Membru al Parlamentului European
Nicolae Ștefănuță Membru al Parlamentului European
Nicolae Ștefănuță
Membru al Parlamentului European
Victor Negrescu Membru al Parlamentului European
Victor Negrescu
Membru al Parlamentului European

Alin Mituța Membru al Parlamentului European
Alin Mituța
Membru al Parlamentului European

Ramona Strugariu Membru al Parlamentului European
Ramona Strugariu
Membru al Parlamentului European
Peter Chase Senior Fellow, German Marshall Fund
Peter Chase
Senior Fellow, German Marshall Fund
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15-17 JUNE 2022
At the age of 15, life begins to open up new possibilities for shaping your adult life.There are several paths in front of you, and you're starting to realise that you need to start thinking seriously about your future. This moment has come for Romania as well, which has the extraordinary chance to be part of the European team for 15 years, a team united by the values ​​of democracy, fundamental rights, and the rule of law. Our journey was not easy and we were not always good students: deviations from European values ​​and principles made it difficult for us to develop.

Europuls has been supporting Romania throughout its European journey. For more than 10 years, we have brought the European agenda to Romania through the largest European affairs forum ever held in our country.

In 2022, the Eurosfat Forum celebrates 10 years of existence, therefore, on this occasion, we want to make an analysis of Romania's progress in the EU. What qualifications will we offer for Romania's political maturity? How do we manage the green transition? How does it adapt to the digital transformation? Can Romania be the leader and keeper of security in the region? Can we absorb more European funds? How does the implementation of RRP look like after 6 months? How do we take care of our mental health after the pandemic? Have we been involved enough in the Conference on the Future of Europe? Why don't we have more women in politics? Why don't we fully embrace the principles of the rule of law? At #EUROSFAT2022 we will have the chance to see how Romania is approaching the maturity exam, which is facing now, and we will give the final grade.
June 15, 2022 -Sheraton Hotel
10:00 - 12:00 AM
 Sheraton Hotel & Online
Plenary session
15 years of European Romania – Romania, road towards maturity
In 2022, the EUROSFAT forum will celebrate its 10th anniversary, therefore, on this occasion, we invite you to an analysis of the progress registered by Romania on several levels. How will we measure the political maturity in Romania? How do we tackle the ecological transition? How is Romania adapting to the digital transformation? Can Romania be the leader and guardian of security in the region? What does the implementation of the național Recovery and Resilience Plan look like after 6 months? How do we take care of our mental health after the pandemic? Is Romania offering all the access and opportunities to its youth? Were we involved enough in the Conference on the Future of Europe? Why don't we fully embrace the principles of the rule of law? At # EUROSFAT2022 we will have the chance to see how Romania approaches the maturity exam it is facing now, and we will give a final grade.
Opening statements
Ursula von der Leyen
President of the European Commission
Roberta Metsola
President of the European Parliament
Guests: Leaders of Romanian political parties
Ludovic Orban
President of the Party Forța Dreptei
Tana Foarfă
Director Europuls 
European Commission's Representation in Romania
13:00 - 14:30 PM
Sheraton Hotel & Online
Session 2
European digital identity in Romania - from myths to reality
The EUROSFAT 2022 Forum proposes you an update on day – to - day realities towards digital transformation. The European Commission's digital dimension for 2030 is linked to the European digital identity, however the potential for integrating these technologies remains untapped in Romania. Citizens need to incorporate these innovative solutions to achieve a sustainable interaction with the public system and to solve public administration’s systemic problems. At the same time, the modelling of e-government services in the service of communities depends indispensable on the cooperation of governments with the private environment, both by achieving the objectives included in The National Recovery and Resilience Plan, also by innovating various areas essential to citizen life.
We invite you to explore solutions for transforming Romania into a strong member of digitised societies and economies by opening new opportunities for accessing public and private digital services in a secure way, together with leaders in the field of digitization.
Sebastian Burduja
Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization
Alin Mituța
Member of the European Parliament, European digital identity Rapporteur for Renew Europe 
Sabin Sărmaș
Member of the Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies 
Alexandru Mihailciuc
Global Head of Pre-Sales, UiPath (Interview)
Oleg Roibu
Group General Counsel, eMAG
Mihai Matei
President, ANIS Romania & Board Member, Concordia Employers’ Confederation 
Cezara Panait
 Head of Digital Policy, Europuls
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15:00 - 16:30 PM
Sheraton Hotel & Online
Session 3
Conference on the Future of Europe - conclusions
2022 is the year in which Romania celebrates such an important milestone, of being a member of the European team for 15 years! After ten years of being the stander-by of Romanian’s progress path, it is time to glorify another significant development. And how can it be celebrated otherwise, if not by organising a debate on the ”Conference on the Future of Europe - conclusions”. Through this debate, the #EUROSFAT2022 Forum would like to give you an overview of the measures adopted by the three major European Union institutions. Now is the time and here is the place where you, the European Union citizens can think of a future for the EU!
Opening speech
E.S. Laurence Auer
Ambassador of the French Republic in Romania
Daniela Gîtman
Member of the Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, România
Alin Mituța
Member of the Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe, MEP, Renew Europe
Siegfried Mureșan
Member of the Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe, MEP, European People's Party
Victor Negrescu
Member of the Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe, MEP, S&D
Dumitru Oprițoiu
Project Manager, Europuls
Friedrich Naumann Foundation Logo
17:00 - 18:30 PM
Sheraton Hotel & Online
Session 4
RRP monitor - 6 months of implementation
The European Union has managed to transform one of Europe’s biggest challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic, into a historic opportunity for Europeans: the Recovery and Resilience Facility. The biggest financial instrument ever created by the EU, the RRF has come to Romania’s help with € 29 billion, but subject to one condition: to create a Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP). Romania had to come with a plan on the national level, with an engagement that must include reforms, as well as investments, including measures in 6 pillars, presenting a strict calendar of milestones and targets, as well as a well-developed audit and control mechanism. Romania has succeeded in getting the approval of the RRP, and now comes the difficult task of respecting the calendar of milestones and targets which will ensure the disbursement of funds. After 6 months from the beginning of this implementation process, where are we? Are we on schedule or are we behind? One year and a half from the launch of the symbolic instrument of European solidarity, the European Commission presents a first implementation report, and we will hear the feedback of the EU institutions related to the stage of the national RRPs implementation. At the same time, the European Parliament comes with its own analysis on the implementation of the facility at EU level. After 15 years of accession to the EU, will Romania manage to transform the RRP in a success story and, therefore, is Romania able to pass its most important maturity test?
Céline Gauer
Director General, Head of the Recovery and Resilience Task Force, European Commission
Cristian Ghinea
President of the “O Țară Ca Afară” think tank
Cristian Sporiş
Vice President of the Corporate Division, Raiffeisen Bank Romania 
Tana Foarfă
Director, Europuls
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June 16, 2022 - Sheraton Hotel
10:00 - 11:30 AM
Sheraton Hotel & Online - Hybrid interactive session
Session 5
What has Romania done to empower YOU(th)?
The year 2022 has been declared The European Year of Youth. Young people can change the world and it is our responsibility to offer them the opportunities to personally and professionally develop, to express themselves and to put their ideas into practice. Therefore, the interactive panel "What does Romania do for the Youth?' creates the perfect framework for the participants to debate upon the needs and initiatives of the young people in fields such as participative democracy, sustainability and future of work. Pupils, students, young people will discuss with decision makers at national and European level, ambassadors, entrepreneurs, activists and they will develop through a co-creation process solutions for the Romanian youth' situation. Furthermore, during the debate there will be interventions from specialists, facilitating an open dialogue between the participants and the decision-makers in the society.
The debate will be held in Romanian and English.
H.E. Therese Hydén
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden in Romania
Marta Vadillo Lamata
First Secretary in charge of Consular, Cultural and Administrative Affairs, Embassy of Spain in Romania
Julien Chiappone-Lucchesi
 Director of the French Institute in Romania
Carolina Novac
Adviser to the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Moldova on Energy
Margareta Chesaru
Public Affairs & Social Impact Director, UiPath
Andra Dobre
Communication Coordinator, ANPCDEFP
Ovidiu Cîmpean
Co-Designer and Project Manager for the City Hall Cluj-Napoca “Cluj Future of Work - FoW”
Mihai Dragoș
National Coordinator for the „Democracy here, democracy now” campaign
Oana Tache
Andreea Scrioșteanu 
International Affairs Vice-President, Romanian Youth Council
Andreea Petruț
 Communication Coordinator for Environmental Campaigns, Act for Tomorrow
Claudiu Butacu
Inesa Schmidt
 Head of Business Development Department, VOIDSHIP
Dragoș Dănilă
Youth Empowerment Officer, Asociația Young Initiative  
Video Message
Francesca Cristea
Europuls Expert on youth policies
Kingdom of the Netherlands Logo
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11:30 - 13:00
Sheraton Hotel & Online
Session 6
Better regulation for the platform economy
In a modern world of digitization and automation, innovation and flexibility are always welcome. Among the changes offered by online platforms, one of them is the traditional concept of the workplace. As the online environment advances and evolves every day, the European Commission launched on 9th of December 2021, a package of proposals for this digitised workspace: improving working conditions for people working through digital platforms. Thus, the EUROSFAT 2022 Forum organises a wide-ranging debate based on this package, through which we want to highlight and analyse the Romanian labour market at the moment from two perspectives: from the point of view of the economy of online platforms and from the point of view in which our legislation can be harmonised with the new directives.
Digitalisation of SMEs through digital platforms and Glovo’s social impact
Interview with Sacha Michaud, Co-founder and Vice-President for Global Affairs, Glovo 
Sacha Michaud
Co-founder and Vice-President for Global Affairs, Glovo
Monica Berescu
Member of the Romanian Parliament, Chamber of Deputies
Denisa Avram
Public Policy Manager,
South East Europe, Glovo
Sorina Mihai
Public Policy Manager,
Radu Puchiu CEO H.appycities
Radu Puchiu
CEO H.appycities
Adelina Dabu
Head of Public Affairs, Concordia Employers’ Confederation
Glovo Logo
 Sheraton Hotel & Online
Session 7
Romania's role in the geopolitical resilience of the European Union
The world of politics is dynamic, the central theme of the agenda changes every day. However, after the collapse of the communist block, and the entering into a new century that is characterised by technological evolution and a better grade of interconnectivity between people, people were optimistic, they thought that, at least in Europe, in the West, in occident, a total war would be impossible to ever take place again, that it was the ”end of history”. We see, sadly, that this vision was not sustainable. The Russian invasion of Ukraine reminded us that the liberal international theory would work only if each state cooperates. The firearms could be heard very close to our borders, and thus, the subject of regional and collective security arose back into our agenda. In this year’s edition of EUROSFAT, the participants will have the opportunity to find out how the specialists are preparing for an event that would threaten our regional and collective security, having, at the same time, the chance to communicate their views that might help the officials in the process of building a better structure.
Dacian Cioloș
Member of the European Parliament, Renew Europe
Ovidiu Raețchi
President, Euro-Atlantic Resilience Center
Valentin Naumescu
ICDE President
Anda Bologa
Expert, Europuls
Robert Lupițu
Calea Europeană
ICDE Romania Logo
15:00 - 16:00 PM
Sheraton Hotel & Online - Fireside chat
Session 8
E-justice: Discussion with European experts (UK, Estonia, Germany)
The evolution of the digitalisation of justice systems is already regularly reflected in various monitoring frameworks, such as the EU Justice Scoreboard, the Rule of Law Report and the European Semester. However, the Romanian justice system needs to be updated in order to ensure that everyone can make full use of new or additional digital tools in the field of justice. By improving access to justice, digitalisation will also contribute to strengthening the rule of law in the EU. Digital technologies can lead to improved access to justice, especially by reducing the length of judicial proceedings. In this international panel we will discuss the best practices of the most advanced European countries in terms of innovation and digitalisation of justice. The panel will focus on the steps taken to implement digital solutions in Estonia, Germany and the UK, cooperation with other authorities, integration with various public databases, and obstacles encountered.
Kai Härmand
Judge at Harju County Court
Isabelle Biallaß
German judge, Former legal officer at the IT-Department of the Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia
Cezara Panait
Head of Digital Policy, Europuls 
Theodora Stoica
Project Manager & Legal Researcher, KAS RLP SEE
16:30 - 18:00
Sheraton Hotel & Online
Panel discussion
Session 9
E-justice: Discussion with national legal professionals 
The Romanian justice system needs to be updated in order to ensure that everyone can make full use of new or additional digital tools in the field of justice. By improving access to justice, digitalisation will also contribute to strengthening the rule of law in the EU. Romania is already developing, using other EU funds, the ECRIS (Electronic Case Management System) system. The recovery and resilience plan will complete the efforts in this regard. There are other reforms at macro-level that must be taken into consideration, such as digitalizing the entire administrative system in order to create a viable e-governance infrastructure. In this panel, starting from the analysis of successful models in the European Union, we will discuss the steps that Romania must take for the successful implementation of the new ECRIS 5 system, but also about its efforts to implement digitization and integration processes at the level of the justice system.
George Cătălin Șerban
Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice
Codru Vrabie
Good governance expert
Iulia Georgescu
Notary Public
Florela Bratu
Cezara Panait
Head of Digital Policy, Europuls
Theodora Stoica
Project Manager & Legal Researcher, KAS RLP SEE
June 17, 2022 - Romanian Football Federation
10:00 - 11:30
 Romanian Football Federation & online
Session 10
The social role of sport in Romania
The debate entitled "The social role of sport in Romania" aims to address a topic with huge potential for development in Romania: sport. The contribution of sport to increasing cohesion and social inclusion, the role of sport in promoting health, tolerance, understanding and mutual respect, strengthening sport as a basis for Romania's sustainable development, supporting education through sport, European priorities in the field of sport, the role on sport in fostering the European identity, but also encouraging public-private partnership in the field sports, are just a few issues that will be covered during our session, along with experts, national and European decision makers, but also representatives of civil society.
Romania still has a lot of work to do in terms of sport, especially when it comes to its social dimension. Investments and involvement in this field could represent a very good chance for the development of Romanian society. This opportunity has been ignored for 15 years since we became members of the EU. Bringing relevant stakeholders together at the same table at the EUROSFAT Forum could be a new beginning on this path. 
Răzvan Burleanu
President, Romanian Football Federation (TBC)
Carol-Eduard Novák
Minister of Sport
Andrei Novac
 Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Tomasz Frankowski
Member of the European Parliament, EPP
(video message)
Ovidiu Condurache
Community Builder, Ashoka Romania & Co-Fondator, The Coubertin Crew
Claudiu Miu
President, Climb Again Association
Marius Ghiță
Affiliated Expert, Europuls 
Romanian Football Federation
Romanian Football Federation
11:30 - 13:00
 Romanian Football Federation & Online
Session 11
European health policies post COVID-19
The ‘European health policies post COVID-19’ debate proposes to bring into discussion the potential lessons learned during the pandemic on the one hand, and the priorities of the European Union regarding public health on the other. Following more than two years of the pandemic, it is clear that no health system within the EU can survive on its own. This goes to show just how important it is to act in a joint European effort. We invite you to find out more about the European Union’s involvement in public health, about how we can build resilience in the health system and how we can ensure effective interinstitutional communication.
Anca Dragu
Member of the Romanian Senate
Andrei Baciu
Secretary of State,
Ministry of Health
Dan Zaharescu
Executive Director, ARPIM
Gabriel Dina
Director Corporate Affairs, Pfizer Romania
Mădălina Iamandei
Affiliated Expert on health policy, Europuls & Senior Consultant, Health - DGA Interel, Bruxelles
Pfizer Logo
14:00 - 14:45
 Romanian Football Federation & Online
Session 12
The future of mobility - Fit for 55
This year’s EUROSFAT 2022 Forum brings a new vision on the commitment to climate change, under the form of the ambitious package of 12 measures entitled ”Fit for 55”. The European Commission wishes to bring to the European Union’s citizens’ knowledge the implementation of reductions in emissions from industry, buildings, transport and land use. Through this new implementation, Romania must build a sustainable mobility, in terms of financial instruments. Thus, the event will start the discussion on the content of the package "Fit for 55", in which we will learn from experts from Brussels, how to shape the mobility in Romania after this new decision. Moreover, from national representatives we will be able to discover and analyse the problems and changes that our policies will face.
Marian-Jean Marinescu
Member of the European Parliament, EPP
(video message)
Vlad Gheorghe
Member of the European Parliament, Renew Europe

14:45 - 15:30
 Romanian Football Federation & Online - Fireside chat
Session 13
Mental health after the pandemic
In the last three years, the society had to adapt to some unexpected, even tragic events - such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the humanitarian crisis that started on February 24 - which affected it in every way. The pandemic and the restrictive measures which had been taken represented the moment when many people have begun to experience anxiety and depression. That specific moment represented the point where mental health became an increasingly discussed topic. The humanitarian crisis has developed new fears among people and the problem of mental and emotional health is becoming more and more complex. The youth is facing an uncertain future, marked by changes to which young people have to respond in a flexible way. The "Mental Health after the pandemic" panel aims to debate concrete methods and necessary public policies through which the society can help its youth to go through these social changes easily. During the debate, topics such as the importance of mental health in the present context, defining mental health's parameters nowadays and the impact of the recent events on the psycho-emotional and social life of the Europeans will be addressed.
The Panel will be held in Romanian. 
Nicolae Ștefănuță
Member of the European Parliament, Grupul Renew Europe
Paul Olteanu 
Master Trainer and Coach, Founder Mind Architect
Eliza Vaș
Vicepresident, Young Initiative Association
Francesca Cristea
Europuls Expert on youth policies
16:00 - 17:00
 Romanian Football Federation & Online - Bilateral dialogue
Session 14
30 years of the Treaty on German - Romanian bilateral relations
We, the Romanians, view Germany as an example of a successful, powerful and stable state. Whether we adopt an economical point of view, or a social one, we tend to envy the grade of development of his state. 2022 represents the year we celebrate 30 years of bilateral relations with Germany, a relationship that tightened constantly, Romania’s adherence to NATO in 2004 and EU in 2014, being a factor that empowered this relation. It can’t be doubted that Germany contributed to the development of our society, for example, by creating more than 300.000 workplaces. For a solid future, it is necessary to know the past, but more importantly to know the present, because only in this manner, we might be able to preview and establish clear and realistic objectives. In this year’s edition of EUROSFAT, through direct interactions with the German diplomats and Romanian officials, you have the opportunity to satisfy both curiosities, the actual status and how the future might look. You also have the chance to become an important factor in this process, by telling them your innovative and pragmatic ideas.
E.S. Dr. Peer Gebauer
 Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Romania
E.S. Adriana-Loreta Stănescu
Ambassador of Romania in the Federal Republic of Germany
Alin Orgoan
Europuls Expert on EU Law
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Romania
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Romania

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